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I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump. Gone are the days of posting thrice daily. Quite frankly, it consumes precious time and energy, and let’s face it: it’s not exactly the most interesting material.

But I can’t just give it up. I still want the message of my blog to be out there: live well, eat whole & organic, and be as green as you can be. Maybe the direction of the blog will change, in fact I’m pretty sure it will, but for now, I’m forging ahead. I just might not cover as much distance as I did in the previous months. We shall see.

Breakfast: Two fried eggs with mozzarella cheese and two slices of toasted baguette topped with olive oil, parsley, and garlic
Snack: Two whole carrots; raisins
Lunch: Whole grain toast with crunchy peanut butter, one slice topped with Jan’s jam and the other topped with honey

Friday….went to the gym and later ran 4 miles after work
Saturday…..soccer game. We didn’t have any subs, so I played the whole game. This old lady was tired!
Sunday….plan to go on a run. 4 to 8 miles, not sure yet.

I’ve put on at least 5 pounds in the past few months, exercising less and eating more sweets.  Ellen, what gives? I have no good excuses. So I’ve created a little challenge for myself. I was going to call it the Lose Weight, Look Great Challenge or something like that, but that’s lame and overdone, so I’m going to call it like I see it….

The “I’m-28-and-have-not-had-kids-so-if-I-can’t-look-hot-now-when-will-I-ever?!? Challenge”.

I don’t want to get all crazy with a diet. I just can’t do diets. Don’t like them, don’t support them, especially for someone that is not technically overweight. Basically, I’m focusing on two things: I am trying to make my exercise more consistent and frequent. Everyone thinks I work out all the time, but that’s not true. Maybe 3 days or 4 days a week? Time to step it up. The second thing is cutting back on the ice cream, chocolate, etc. So far, so good. (It’s day 3 of the challenge).

Wish me luck!

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Excelente. I got such a good night’s sleep, and that makes a world of difference in how my day goes…I went to bed last night at 9:15, and got up at 6:15 this morning.

Breakfast: Fresh juice and later whole grain toast topped with peanut butter, and a cup o’ tea.
Mid-morning snack: Hot mocha
Lunch: Leftover Happy Rice, lentil salad, garbanzo salad.

Dying to know what I’ve been dining on the past day or so? Were you lying awake at night, wondering?

I know, I know.

So here’s a (partial) recap!

(Note: That goo in the jar isn’t a science experiment. It’s breakfast. I ran out of to-go cups since I’ve been running home from work and leaving everything behind. The jar sufficed, although it didn’t keep the oats as warm as my travel cups do).

Not pictured: SMS Cake!

Tuesday- Ran 4.5 miles home from work
Wednesday- 55 minutes at gym
Thursday- I plan to work out after work…we’ll see!

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Tasty tasty

Finally! I cleaned my workspace today in a major way. AND created a nice little space for my personal odds & ends that I keep here at work: utensils, condiments, dental care, etc! This cabinet was previously cluttered with papers and folders; I went through all of them and was able to get rid of the bulk of it.

By the way, that is NOT a bottle of wine 🙂 Well, it was once upon a time, but we converted it into to an olive oil dispenser.

-55 minutes at the gym: 15 minutes stretching/abs/core, 25 minutes legs, 15 arms.
-I also plan to run home from work, about 4 miles.

Mid-morning snack: 6 dried Cali figs
Pre-workout snack: a small yogurt with a cup of Kashi GO LEAN Crunch! Honey Almond Flax
Lunch: Salad grees with sprouted sunflower seeds and brown rice, drizzled in olive oil, and two slices of Alvaredo Street Bakery Sprouted Multi-Grain toast, drizzled in olive oil

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Recap from yesterday: I came home and had a little happy hour for myself: white wine, cheese from Spain, homemade bread, and olive oil.

Last night was a stare-at-the-tv kind of night. I even when out and bought Ben & Jerry’s to go along with it. I might have eaten the whole pint! Not something I really want to admit, but well, it’s part of the blog. I’ve strayed from the path to healthy living and eating the last couple of days, but well, I’m back on the path again so here we go…

Breakfast: Lucas brought me a juice in bed. How good is this man? The fresh juice had carrots, apple, lemon, ginger, and I think some grapefruit. Later at work, I had Ezekiel toast with crunchy peanut butter and agave nectar.

TGIF, and I mean it. This week has been e-t-e-r-n-a-l.

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Cirque du Soleil was AMAZING last night!!!!! No surprise there, but honestly, Alegria” has to be the best show on Earth. I laughed, I cried. Oh, let me tell you, the first 10 minutes I was bawling! This show has some emotional ties to me, and hearing the music live really touched my heart and soul.

I don’t know what was better–the singing, the music, the costumes, the performances.  It was beyond perfection; it was simply astonishing. Truly, $40 is a bargain to see such a show! If “Alegria” comes to your city, see it!


Dinner last night: This was rushed, as we had to eat quickly before we left for the show. Lucas roasted peppers, onions, potatoes, and sweet potatoes in the oven……At the show we were starving at the intermission, so we shared an order of fries…..and when we got home, I had another small serving of the oven-baked veggies.

Breakfast: My stomach felt so heavy this morning. I started out with a fresh juice (carrots, celery, apple, lemon, ginger) that Lucas made for me. Later at work, I had Ezekiel Low-Sodium (blah! I had sprinkle it with salt) toast with 2 tbs crunchy peanut butter.

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We have no groceries left. None. This is my lunch today. I’m not complaining, because I love peanut butter. But it’s usually more of a breakfast for me.

Lunch: Ezekiel Low-Sodium toast (blech! Eventually I had to sprinkle the PB with salt!) with a creamy peanut butter and honey topping

I took my lunch hour early, and hit the gym in the morning. I had so much more energy and desire to work out.
-60 minutes weights and toning

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Tired. And I woke up feeling all icky. Cake and ice cream overload.

Breakfast: A fresh juice and later whole grain toast with peanut butter and agave. I rushed out of the house with no time to prep anything, so Lucas just grabbed the ingredients for me to take to work.

And now….some Celestial Seasonings tea.

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Look what I found this morning!

Awwwww!Thanks, Lucas!

What’s in the bag you ask?

Yes! No more microwaving at work! Sweet! Sooooo excited about this surprise gift!

What wasn’t in the bag and isn’t a surprise, but is equally exciting? This baby:

This is THE camera of choice of food bloggers everywhere! Eeek! I can’t wait until it arrives in the mail. 🙂

Moving on now….

Breakfast: Mi amor made me a fresh orange/apple juice. Later, I had Ezekiel toast with peanut butter & honey.

It’s been a great day so far!…An added bonus: I was thisclose to missing my bus. We were on our way to the bus stop when we spotted the bus in front of us. Lucas pulled some Nascar moves, made it in front of the bus, and I waved my hand frantically out the window—and the driver stopped! He was really nice. He said he was wondering where I was!

Green heart:
At work and at home, I use a cloth napkin. This cuts down significantly on unneccessary paper waste.

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The wind was blowing. The rain was falling. The air was cold. The sky was gray. I woke up this morning, hit snooze three times, and said “screw it, I’m taking a vacation day.” After making the necessary phone calls, I lay in bed, drinking some juice, trying to decide if I would go back to sleep or get up and do stuff around the house.

Then……….oh snap.

I suddenly realized I had a very important phone call to make at work. Meaning, my spur-of-the-moment vacation day was no longer….But, at least I remembered, because it would have been bad, bad news if I hadn’t!

Breakfast: Lucas made me a fresh juice. I didn’t ask what was in it, but probably carrots, oranges, apple, lemon, ginger.
Later at work, I had Ezekiel toast with a glorious blend of crunchy peanut butter and honey. There wasn’t that much PB left in the jar, so at home I had poured honey on top of it, stirred well, and had a thick, smooth, creamy topping for my toast. Delicioso.

My workouts have been so minimal this week. Today I’m going to try to hit the gym for some weights & cardio.

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Somehow, today turned into a day of doing nothing. It was supposed to be a day of doing something. Lots of somethings. I had a lot of somethings to do. What happened?

Post-breakfast: I had a tiny bowl of greek yogurt with agave nectar and again..straight from the jar….2 tbs of PB! Oh, and I think a square of the orange-chocolate worked it’s way in somewhere.
Lunch: Two eggs over whole grain toast, with a side of salad. I ended up not eating the salad. It seemed to complicated. Or not complicated enough. I don’t know. I wasn’t feeling the greens.

Warning: graphic image below. One of the eggs was severely injured in the cooking process.

Post-lunch: A cup of greek yogurt drizzled with agave nectar and a couple of tbs of Ezekiel Original. Later, some Happy Rice. And a cookie. Lucas has just brought me a small snickerdoodle cookie. Thanks. A lot.

So you see…it’s not an unhealthy eating day. It’s just random. And not the best. No fruits, no veggies (except for the carrot at breakfast). I’m just not into that at all today. Maybe dinner will see a change?

None. Not into that today either, apparently. 🙂

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