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I loved the Oscars tonight.

I loved Steve and Alec.

I loved Monique winning the Academy Award for supporting actress.

And I loved the spread that went along with it all…..

Breakfast: A fresh juice (carrots, oranges, apple, lemon, ginger, celery).
Lunch: 4 Medjool dates, a slice of ham (non-organic), leftover risotto.
Dinner: Pretty much everything you see in the above photos! plus a couple of glasses of Chateau St. Michelle Riesling.
Dessert: A slice of the SMS cake (see previous post!)

10K at Town Lake.

The weekend is already over?!?!

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Sooooo TGIF

Breakfast: Fresh juice and later oats-to-go
Lunch: Leftover spinach & goat cheese risotto from dinner last night. Lucas made the risotto, it was really good, even though he pulled an Ellen and forgot to put in half of the amount of vegetable stock. So the rice was a little hard. 🙂

Ugh. This has been a bad week. I’ve been going to bed late, been tired all day, not working out, and eating with reckless abandon. 😦

I’m glad it’s the weekend. Maybe a fresh start?

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