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Good taco

None. I had planned to do toning exercises at home, but I was wiped out. Usually I try to talk myself into a workout, but today I didn’t even try. I think I did too much yesterday and ate too little today and yesterday, that my body just needed a rest.

Afternoon snack: Trail mix from the vending machine.
Pre-Dinner: Lucas and I were starving, so we split a toasted ham & cheese sandwich.
Dinner: Two tomato-basil chicken tacos with caramelized onions and spinach leaves, on Ezekiel whole wheat tortillas.

This was a great combination! The spinach leaves were fresh and crisp, the onions just sweet enough, the chicken was tangy from the tomato/basil spices. This was the first time I used Ezekiel tortillas. They were harder than your usual tortilla, and when I heated them on low in a skillet, they curled and stiffened a bit. Perhaps not the ideal tortilla for tacos, but definitely worth it since they are so much healthier and tasty enough.

Still no word on the duplex. The landlord is supposed to call us….I’m also waiting on a lady from Craigslist to show up to buy some stuff leftover from our wedding reception (as in 2.5 years ago). I hope she shows! If not, I might have to go on another Craigslist Etiquette rant.

Dessert: 3 tbs of chocolate chips

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You know what they say: if Monday is a good day, the rest of the week will be great!

Do they really say that? I don’t know. But let’s hope so.

Yes, today was a good day. I got up early (5:50!), did some writing in my “morning pages”, used my culinary creativity to whip up a new oatmeal dish for breakfast, caught up on stuff at work and, if I may say so myself, was quite productive, which I suppose, is what they pay me to be anyway. The gym was calling my name, and for once I didn’t pretend to not hear him. I could go on, but you get the idea. It was a good day.

Mid-morning snack: A sweet tangerine curbed my hunger.
Lunch: Leftover bowtie pasta tossed in arugula-tomato sauce. (Texturally it was a paste, but “paste” sounds so ick). I’m trying to cut down my microwave use at work, so I took my tupperware out of the fridge early and let it sit awhile; I ate the pasta at semi-room temperature. Still tasty!
Mid-afternoon snack: A thick slice of homemade banana bread, followed by a big apple, and later…string cheese
And now: Ooooh, it gets better and better. A glass of red wine to keep me company while I blog. Ain’t that sweet?

Gym. 55 minutes plus warm-up, cool-down.
-5 minute warm-up (walked from work to gym.  So lucky to have it nearby!)
-30 minutes stretching and ab/core work:
*3 x 20 crunches on medicine ball
*3 x 15 row crunches
*3 x 25 second planks, on all sides
*3 x 12 back lifts
*3 x 12 side lefts, each side
-25 minutes legs
focus on quads, glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings
-3 minutes cooling stretch
-5 minute cool down (walked back to work)

Green heart:
Check it out. Free. Bus. Pass. Thank you ACC for the Green Pass!

I’ll be back later for the dinner post. I know you’re on pins and needles!

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Wednesday…where are you?

Is Wednesday here yet? No? Still Tuesday? Practically the start of the week. Darn it. I’m not sure what funny business I’m trying to pull with my body clock, but I’ve been tinkering too much with its cogs and gears it seems. My sleep schedule is all out of wack, I’ve been going to bed late, waking up groggy. Feeling like a zombie at work, napping odd hours in the early evening. This is no good! A good night’s sleep is a miracle worker. I need a miracle. Stat.

Today wasn’t all bad though. I walked home from work, 4.5 miles in the lovely cold, listening to NPR on my old school MP3 player. My dear husband had a delicious “merienda” (afternoon snack) waiting for me when I walked through the door. It’s the little things in life–how great is it to come home to toasted homemade bread, honey, and hot mate (hot mate as in the hot herbal drink, not hot mate as in hot hubby, ok? Not that hubby isn’t a cutie pie). Ahh, life can be sweet.Yerba MateHot Mate
Homemade bread...toasted to perfectionHoney

I’ve been thinking about my new year’s resolutions. When have I ever kept my new year’s resolutions? Never. You? Well, we’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try for 2010! Amongst my resolutions: adopt a 9:00 to 5:00 schedule. PM to AM baby. I really, really, really want to do this. I have never been a nightowl; I just don’t function well after 10:00 pm! Therefore, it’s only logical that I hit the hay at 9:00 pm. And I do love the mornings after a night of good sleep. I can totally do up and at ’em. Yea! Let’s do it!

But not tonight. It’s not 2010 yet. I’ve got stuff to do. Like baking holiday goodies for my grade A co-workers. Sweets for the sweet.

Zombie a.m./p.m.

Breakfast: 2 slices of Rudy’s Organic Whole Grain toast with Nut’n Better Crunchy Organic Peanut Butter and homemade raspberry jam
Lunch: 4 beef empanadas…devoured before 11:00 am!
Snacky: Apple; toasted homemade white bread with locally made honey
Dinner: Thinking about juicing some fruits or veggies..keeping it light

Green Heart:
Woah, Nelly, was I in a tizzy when I found the cleaning lady at work had cleaned the drying rack….um…how dare she? Wait, let me finish. The items in the rack were M.I.A. Included in the missing: my cutting board, plate, and tupperware–gone. Months ago, I had found dishes that I had left to soak in the sink thrown away in the trash can. In the trash! Do you know what that does to someone who goes out of their way to reduce, reuse, recycle? It’s heartbreaking. And infuriating. And frustrating. So this morning, I sent an e-mail to the manager of the campus where I work, mentioning what had happened. Luckily I did a second look-through in the kitchen and found the aforementioned items in a drawer. Whew. I had already been drafting my second e-mail to the campus manager in my head “You can give designated parking spaces to people with “green” cars and yet no one protects the landfills from my discarded tupperware?” Hee hee, soo happy that I had that second look-through. And of course, so happy my things didn’t go to sit in a landfill for thousands of years.

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