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Soup & Salad

Mid-morning snacks: 4 Medjool Dates. Absolute perfection. Delicious and satisfying.
Lunch: Salad greens with 1 chopped carrot and 1 chopped celery stalk, drizzled with olive oil. A bowl of homemade soup leftover from last night.

Gym – 15 minutes stretching/abs, 25 minutes legs, 15 minutes arms

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A quite quick post…

Pre-lunch: Banana
Lunch:  A bowl of soup from last night…and….Salad greens with sliced apple and a side of whole grain toast…and more apple!

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Buenas noches

Day off

Afternoon snacks: Large apple; Ezekiel Original with soymilk and chocolate chips(!)
Dinner: Soup with squash, carrots, celery, onion, sweet potato with a chicken-based broth
Dessert: Greek yogurt with agave…and more chocolate chips. Chocolate chip overload today. I was feeling a bit too “snacky.”

We watched “Rudo y Cursi” on Nextflix.com. Like Gael Garcia Bernal, it was cute….Keeping up with subtitles before bedtime–a little tiring! Best to watch this movie when you are wide awake!

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Short and sweet

Lunch: Homemade soup with butternut squash, carrots, spinach, celery, green onions, leeks, and onions
Post-lunch: 4 dried figs

Homemade soup is SOUPER easy to make. You don’t need to buy broth. All you need is veggies (or whatever you want in the soup), water, and a big pot.
1) Chop your veggies.
2) Throw the veggies in a big pot.
3) Add water until it covers veggies halfway.
4) Heat on high until water boils.
5) Season as desired.
6) Simmer on medium to low heat.
7) When veggies are tender, soup is ready! Let it cool a bit first unless you want to burn off your tastebuds.

I’m off to the gym…

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Good afternoon

Lunch: My boss is retiring at the end of the week, so we took him out for a lunchtime celebration. We dined at Mandola’s, an awesome Italian place that has AMAZING pizza.

But I didn’t have pizza. 😦

I exercised some rare self-control since I know I’m eating pizza tonight while watching THE GAME.

Instead, I had boring ol’ minestrone soup and a piece of butter-soaked bread. The soup was rather blah.

6 hours and 47 minutes until kick-off!

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So excited!

Remember Jessie Spano? Yeah, that’s totally me right now, minus the caffeine pills. I’m so excited—I ran 9.3 miles today! Just like that. I feel amazing; there is nothing like a long distance run to get your adrenaline pumping.

My run was inspired by two women this morning: my mom, who is pounding out 20 miles run like its nobody’s business as she trains for the Austin Marathon, and Tina from Carrotsncake.com whose inspiring post from Saturday made me get out and run today and keep on running when I passed my usual comfort mileage of 6.2.


-9.3 miles at Town Lake
-10 minutes light yoga with Rodney Yee DVD
-10 minutes Bikram yoga-inspired poses
-Plus, indoor soccer game tonight

Breakfast: I’m not one to skip breakfast, but I wanted to get up and go for a run this morning, plus I wasn’t remotely hungry. I had 6 California figs after my run, and two after my lunch.
Lunch: Lucas made a vegetable soup, which included carrots, squash, celery, green onions, and spinach. I also ate a piece of whole grain toast topped with a hard-boiled egg. Shortly after I made another piece of toast to sop up the last of the soup.

I’ve been procrastinating….time for a shower!

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Not so souper

Whew. What a tiring day. I didn’t do a workout today, and I’m ok with that, because I went shopping. Clothes shopping, a workout in itself. It’s exhausting. I spent two hours in Forever 21, where I feel like an out of place old lady, but hey, they have cheap cotton tees….Anyway, the store is massive, and it took Forever to go from one end to the other. I spent under $50 and walked away with skinny jeans, 3 cotton camis, a cotton tee, a sheer cotton longsleeve top, and two headbands! I also made a stop by Nordstrom Rack and picked up another cotton tee and a candle….then it was more shopping, but this time at Whole Foods, for some veggies, fruits, and other goods….I’m all shopped out.

Lucas was feeling under the weather, so I went solo to a Mexican restaurant called Polvo’s to meet up with our friends Britaney and Joe and my sister Liz. Good times!

Afternoon snack: 4 mejool dates. I love these things.
Dinner: Chicken tortilla soup. Not so good. It had huge chunks of chicken in it, so big I had to fish them out with my spoon and cut them apart on my plate. The veggies were also massive, so the soup was hard to eat, and the flavor wasn’t all that. I have my fair share of chips and queso beforehand, so at least I didn’t walk away hungry.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather myself; I don’t know if it’s a cold or seasonal allergies…going to hit the hay.

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This afternoon we met with our friends Emily and Marcin for tea at Thunderbird Coffee.

Aren’t Em & M sweet?

Emily works at the University of Colorado – Boulder, developing science experiments for NASA astronauts to conduct in space. Um, how cool is that? Very….One of her most recent experiments involved sending butterflies into outer space! The mission got a lot of press, which lead to someone from the Department of Agriculture calling her, demanding to know if she had transported butterflies across state lines! Haha, I love that….Anyway, we had a great time with this cute couple, and only wish they were still living in Austin.

Lunch: Whole grain toast with a smear of peanut butter and agave nectar
Dinner: I ate a tuna roll and split a large cup of chicken tortilla soup with Lucas at Whole Foods.

A light day of eating, since I’m still in recovery mode. But I might have to slip myself a chocolate or two before bedtime–mua-ha-ha!

Took it easy with a 5K at Town Lake

Green heart:
I have solved my dilemma and decided to save a tree instead of subscribing to SELF magazine!

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