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Lunch: Leftover vegetarian curry. Hmm, hmm, good.
Afternoon snacks: Dried apricots and a large apple

55 minutes at the gym (stretching/abs/core/legs/some arms)

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Curry for three

My other little sister, Showbiz Liz, dropped by to borrow some 10 pound weights, which naturally I no longer need, because I am like, totally buff. Or lazy. One of the two……Ok….The latter. Just the latter.

There was plenty of curry to go around, so we tolerated her company at dinner.

Dinner: Curry. Lucas gets 100% kitchen credit.  Again. What have I been making lately? My breakfast. That’s about it. I have been slacking in a major way…..I had one bowl of curry, which included coconut milk, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and ginger. The coconut and ginger had me at hello.

On the agenda: a cup of tea and a slice o’ banana bread

I ran to the Capitol and back….a little over 7 miles at an easy pace.

Green heart:
Rather than taking our other car with Lucas, yesterday I took the bus to pick up our car from the mechanic. (Well, not really the mechanic. It was serviced by an Austin Community College auto class. We paid for the part, which was about $100, but the labor was virtually nothing: $25. Niiiiiice).

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Down with the Microwave!

One of my birthday gifts was some kitchenware for the office!

No more microwaves!

Today I broke in my new burner and frying pan to heat up leftover curry…which was ammmmazing by the way. It heated up quite nicely. Being a responsible person, I didn’t leave the burner unattended at anytime. It took about five minutes to get my curry hot ‘n spicy.

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Dessert before dinner

I’m loving this weather! Gray, cold, wet.

Afternoon snacks: a whole wheat tortilla and a banana
Pre-Dinner: 2 servings of Swiss chocolate with nuts.
Dinner: Lucas made vegetarian curry. Muy rico! OMG I love coconut curry sauce.

Day off.

New crush:
I love this website! Young House Love. I stumbled across it today when looking for home design blogs. Check it out! It’s amazing what the fabulous young couple did on their own to their first home, plus the give lots of DIY tricks and tips.

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