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60 minutes of weights/toning at the gym

Afternoon snacks: a juicy orange; celery with peanut butter (apparently, Lucas didn’t know this is a common American snack!)
Dinner: Lucas made a delicious dinner tonight. I had a big serving of broccoli-spinach penne with garlic and freshly grated parmesan

Green heart:
The faucet in our bathtub has been dripping, so we are collecting the water in a basin and using it to water plants.

Good night.

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I saw my friends Ashley and Jenni of OutofControlFatroll.com at Town Lake. They manage to look cute while working out. Luckies!…Check their blog out!!! These ladies are currently in round 2 of a weight loss competition that they chronicle on their blog, along with food, fitness, and other fun facts. Love them!

6.2 miles at Town Lake. I wanted to do some toning exercises afterward, but I came home starving and made a beeline for the kitchen. Now I’m full….so that’s either going to have to wait or not happen at all.

Snack: 3/4 large apple, 2 Medjool dates, a piece of spirolina
Lunch: leftovers from last night

Grocery store:
Yes, it happened! And…I got some great deals today!
-32 oz tub of Fage 2% Greek Yogurt was on sale for $5.99. This is a real bargain when you consider the 16 oz. tub is $4.99.
-Free organic celery! Always check your receipt—instead of charging me for celery, the cashier rang it up as asparagus—$11.91!! Say what?!?! After loading up my groceries, I checked the receipt and caught that whopping mistake. A nice man in customer service refunded me the $$$ and didn’t charge me for the celery.
-Organic chicken for $3.99 a pound by buying the whole chicken.
-Saved $1.00 by getting my steel cut oats in the bulk section.

Green heart:
I brought brown bags and plastic containers to reuse at WF for my groceries and bulk items.

Q: Do you check your receipt after shopping?

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