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Hey, Thursday! You sure took your time getting here.

It has been a loooong week.

Ughh. I’m stressed. We still haven’t straightened things with the landlady of the duplex, so we haven’t signed a lease, so we don’t know if we are moving next weekend or not. I wanted to get a headstart on packing, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea in case things fall through.

But since we are hopeful that everything will work out with the duplex (and have been hopeful), we put our place up for rent on Craigslist. But no one has emailed (except for 1 guy that flaked. It’s been almost 2 weeks! 😦

Mid-morning snack: 2 dried cali figs and 4 dried medjool dates
Lunch: Leftover veggie souffle and brown rice

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Breakfast: I made a variation of carrot cake oatmeal. It was lacking in the flavor department this morning! Maybe it was the turbinado sugar that I used instead of the agave nectar (it wasn’t as sweet today) or a watery carrot? Can carrots be watery? Too much soymilk? As far as oatmeal goes, it left something to be desired. Oh, the tragedy!

I ate breakfast on our balcony this morning. I love the balcony. Even though we live in a condo, it’s like having our own private backyard. In the Spring, when the trees are green with thousands of tiny leaves, it feels like we live in a treehouse. You can literally reach out and grab a branch, and the leaves are so thick you can’t see the backyards of the houses that are on the other side of the creek below.

But we are looking for a change and some more space, and will be leaving our dear little place:

I’m super excited though about a potential home we have found! It’s not a house, per se, it’s a duplex that’s for rent in a great neighborhood just north of the UT campus. We can walk to grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, ride bikes in the nearby trendy Hyde Park, hop on the bus and be downtown in 10 minutes. We haven’t signed a lease yet, so nothing is set in stone as we are still trying to sort out a few things with the landlord, but the idea of living there is exciting.

This all brings me to my beef about Craigslist etiquette, or lack thereof. We are trying to rent out the unit where we live currently, so we posted an ad on Craigslist. We have posted ads on Craigslist plenty of times before to sell this or that, and it never ceases to amaze me (or tick me off!) that people lack the basic courtesy of communication. You know, returning an email? Canceling with a phone call if there is a change of plans? Just common decency, not a lot to ask. We had a guy write to us about the condo, saying he was very interested and wanted to see the apartment the next day. We wrote back and said that would be fine. What time? No answer. Ok. We prep the house later that day, make plans around the fact that he might be coming by, etc. Still no answer. We wait a day or so, and write back to say we have posted a link of pictures if indeed he is still interested. No answer….I mean, really. Just send us an email that says “Hey, I’ve changed my mind, thanks anyway!” It’s not difficult. Not at all!

So, my PSA to you: be courteous to your fellow Craigslisters, be you buying, selling, casual encountering, whatever. It’s the right thing to do. 🙂


How about some breakfast?

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