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This evening’s weather was my kind of lovely: low, gray clouds and relentless rain. The climate was going to keep me indoors and without a workout, until Lucas mentioned he was making brownies. That was enough to get me out in the rain for a 4 mile jog—it takes some of the guilt out of the pleasure of decadent desserts!

What does one wear when they leave the house for a deliberate soaking? In my case, a dirty hat that was in the hamper waiting to be washing, a pair of shorts already worn to the gym, old sneakers awaiting a trip to the Nike outlet to be thrown in the bin for recycling shoes. Betcha I was a sight for sore eyes!

Snack: Tea and two slices of banana bread
Dinner: A large slice of vegetable quiche, made my Lucas
Dessert: Half a pint of Amy’s Mexican Vanilla, and one brownie. Then another brownie. Then one more. Oops. All that, plus a heaping portion of The Office on NBC.com (I caught up on 3 episodes!). Perfect night.

Eyes > stomach.


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Even though I took off from work and went to bed relatively late last night (11:45 pm), I was up at 7:30 this morning. I still feel pretty well rested and love that I’m up and at ’em early to seize the day….well, seizing the day so far has been trying to get my work laptop to connect to WiFi in my parent’s house. Not working! What the cuss? My personal laptop connects just fine, so I’m not sure what the deal is.

Anyway, I took off from work because my crazy and fabulous jet-setting older sister is visiting from overseas. I haven’t seen her since last summer, so I wanted to maximize that quality family time. I’m sensitive like that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today should be pretty low-key….we’ll probably have lunch with my mom and then drive to the outlets so Jocelyn can get some new running shoes.

The drive to Corsicana last night was scary. The rain was pelting my car and the headlights were reflecting of the rain so I had to drive with my lowlights on, which are really weak, so sometimes I felt like I was driving in the dark. AND not to mention the dumb a$$ truck drivers who feel the need to ride your a$$ down the highway or barrel past you at 80 mph in monsoon like rains and douse your windshield so that you are blinded and scared out of your mind. Not appreciated.


Breakfast: I made a nice bowl of oatmeal. With the sweetness of the dried currants and banana, I didn’t need to add any agave nectar.

Recap from yesterday:
Dinner: Vegetable quiche, made by Lucas. I had two pieces.

And for dessert: sliced banana with cinnamon and agave and later a strawberry ice cream cone

Quick 20 minute circuit workout. Wasn’t that great.

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Make that one more cookie. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Lucas played photographer tonight. I’m still too tired to mess with the camera, but it was fun being on the flip side as the subject with her subjects.

Tonight’s menu: mushroom and zucchini quiche. The bones of the recipe are essentially the same as that of last week. I just changed up the ingredients a bit. For example, we were out of whole wheat flour, so I used white. And for the filling, I did just zucchini and mushrooms.

Getting the dough ready in the mixing bowl…..

By now it’s been dough-hooked in our standing mixer. I take over and form it into a nice, neat ball.

Roll it out…….keep rolling…..a little more……..

Folding it over before transferring it to the pan prevents tears (i.e. breakage) and tears (i.e. boo hoo so sad)…

What does Lucas think so far? “It could be prettier…” Naaahhhh…..those uneven edges give it character…right?

Time for the ve-ge-ta-bles….a little bit of slicing……a little bit of dicing……..


I’m so happy with how the photos turned out with the new camera! And with time and practice, they’ll be much better.

Now, as far as the quiche is concerned….the crust turned out absolutely delicious. The filling, not so much. I didn’t season it very well, so it was kind of blah. And the zucchini and mushroom mixture was kind of rubbery.ย  Not happy with it, and I wouldn’t do this filling again…..The recipe itself is a piece of cake though!

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Girl Friday


30 minute run in the neighborhood hills

Breakfast: Oatmeal (1/3 cup steel cut oats, 1 and 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup soymilk, 1 tbs flaxseeds, 2 tbs dried currants, 2 tbs rolled oats, 2 tbs Ezekiel Original, 1 tbs agave nectar, 1 large carrot, finely shredded)
Snack: Apple slices with cinnamon
Lunch: 1 slice of leftover vegetable quiche

Happy Hour:
Blue Star Cafe! Can’t wait!

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Thank goodness for coffee around the corner! I took a little birthday break and bought myself a hot mocha from Kickbutt Coffee.

Lookout! There’s a ninja in the kitchen!

Mid-morning treat: Hot mocha with whipped cream
Lunch: A piece of vegetable quiche
Dessert: A thick slice of banana bread

Lunch break:
Off to renew my vehicle registration*

Green heart:
*I’m going to walk there. It’s not far…but I do have to cross an underpass. Wish me luck!

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Afternoon snack: A thick slice of Lucas’s homemade banana bread.
Pre-workout: A couple of tbs of Jumbo Flame raisins.
Dinner: Spinach, mushroom, and zucchini quiche

I hate to brag. Really. I do.

But would it be fair not to?

Must we not give credit where credit is due?

Credit is due. Big time. Again. And again. And again.

My husband. He made that quiche. Every bit. From scratch. And not even from a recipe. He just whipped it up. Just like that. Because he is that good.

I’m amazed. I’m just amazed! I am lucky. Really lucky.

Not a big deal? No, not to some. And that’s ok.

Just let me brag a little more….well. No. Maybe I should brag in small doses. There will always be more bragging to be done. That’s a given.

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Bake it

I like to bake. I’m not the best at it, so one of my 2010 resolutions was to bake more often (and get in better shape. How’s that for irony?)……ย  So, last night I joined an online baking group:

Sweet Melissa Patisserie is a bakery in Brooklyn.ย  Food & Wine hails it as “one of the best pastry shops in all of New York.”ย  The bakery’s owner/namesake, Melissa Murphy, has a book called The Sweet Melissa Baking Book. It’s from this book that SMS (Sweet Melissa Sundays) chooses a recipe, bakes it, and blogs about it.

Basically, I have to bake at least two of the recipes per month, and post my baking experiencing on the corresponding Sunday.ย  Get it? Sweet Melissa Sundays. If you’d like to join SMS, find details here. The one requirement is that you own the book.

Lunch: Leftover veggie quiche.
Dessert: A chocolate chip cookie from the batch I made this morning. I had to try at least one. I used the famous Neiman Marcus cookie recipe. I’m sure you heard the rumor about how a woman was charged $200 for the recipe? Well, it’s just a rumor. The recipe is available forย  FREE online. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you notice the Green Heart violation in the above picture?

There’s a plastic fork. Eek! I took my real fork home last week for some reason, and I still haven’t remembered to bring it back. I’ve been re-using the one above, but still. Shame, shame.

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The Evening Post

Yawn. That 5:30 wake-up call is catching up to me.

Dinner: Lucas made a delicious vegetable quiche. Really, the man is amazing. He made the whole wheat dough from scratch! Am I lucky, or am I lucky?

The quiche had leeks, green onions, eggs, and corn (frozen).

I had 1/4 of the entire quiche. And I wolfed it down because I was anxious about something. When I’m anxious, I inhale my food. Not a good habit! But, it brought me one step closer to…

Dessert: I just finished off the milk chocolate bar from last night. I’ve been a dark chocolate girl for many years, but this milk chocolate is growing on me fast.

I’m on an ongoing quest for good chocolate—do you have any recommendations?

Combined my commute with my work-out today! I ran 4.5 miles home from work. A dog tried to bite me, but luckily he only managed to slobber on my shorts. Whew.

Green heart:
I took the last of the bottled waters out of the cabinet as I was setting up for a meeting at work. The bottles had been sitting in a cardboard box, which was wrapped in a big piece of plastic. I chunked the box into the recycling bin, and was about to trash the plastic, because I didn’t think it would be recyclable. But then I decided to check just in case, and it was! So I saved the plastic to take home to recycle, since I’m pretty sure they only recycle plastic bottles at work.

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