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I met up with my friend Peggy and we enjoyed Happy Hour at Blue Star Cafeteria. We had some good one-on-one time!…The grilled cheese at BSC is to die for, and the Kiona Riesling is my new favorite.

Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwich and 2 glasses of Riesling
Dessert: I had half a pint of my favorite ice cream: Amy’s Mexican Vanilla while catching up one some 30 Rock episodes. My kind of Friday night! 🙂

Looking forward to a relaxed weekend. I hope you are too!

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A recap of last night…….

Pre-dinner: I came home hungry! Lucas’s sister had sent me a b-day package that included some sweet treats, so I had a sampling of some chocolate florentines. Hmmm.
Dinner: I had 2 California rolls and 1 Alaska roll at Koi. (The sashimi is Lucas’s. It as so pretty. Had to take a picture). Plus a glass of Reisling.

Birthday cake and ice cream: a chocolate cake with layers of dulce de leche and covered in ganache…and…Amy’s Mexican Vanilla!!

Ran 4.5 miles home from work.

It was a great day! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

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