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Breakfast: Oats-to-go. Todays’ oatmeal had:
-1/3 cup steel cut oats
-1 cup water
-1/3 cup soy milk
-2 tbs Ezekiel Original
-1 carrot, shredded
-3 heaping tsp ground sesame
-2 tbs plump raisins
-generous drizzle of agave nectar
Lunch: Leftover pasta & tomato sauce.

The week went by so fast. Awesome.

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Pasta Dinner

Dinner: Pasta with homemade tomato sauce and freshly grated parmesan cheese
Dessert: Fage 2% Green Yogurt with Ezekiel Original and agave nectar

My Netflix workout : 40 minutes boxing moves and core work

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Get yer carbs on

Today was over in the blink of an eye. I knocked out one creative writing assignment, but that was the only thing I managed to do in the three hours after lunch! Still a good day though….I got in a nice run at Town Lake, and we had a fun dinner with my parents and Liz and Jill.

A slow-as-molasses 10k at Town Lake…..The crowds were out today! Must be a lot of those folks in town for the marathon.

Snacks: Dried currants and an apple
Dinner: Salad greens with honey dijon dressing and a large portion of spaghetti with meat sauce and parmesan, homemade bread, and white wine. We had to carb up Mom and Jill for the big race tomorrow!

As per usual, credit goes to Lucas for this amazing feast.

Early morning tomorrow! Heading out at 6:00 am to support my Marathoners!

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Once again…

Early bird:
Hungry for lunch at 11:15.

Lunch: Luh-luh-luh-love leftovers! Broccoli-spinach fettucini….heated micro-wave free!

Today’s grand plan: 45 minute run on the treadmill at the gym

Happy Hour at Sampaio’s then “It’s Complicated” at the movie theatre with Peggy, Jan, and Egda!

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Brrr! The weather outside is delicious, even if I did get a bit soaked waiting for the bus! I came home and a had a cozy little snack…..

Post-lunch: 6 dried Cali figs
Early evening snack: a banana, then later a cup of peppermint tea and two small florentines.

Moving on to dinner….

My grandfather’s family was from Italy. That makes me somewhat Italian.

That must explain why I love pasta, right?

Probably not. I’m guessing most Italians would turn there noses up at the packaged stuff we buy. But that’s cool.  If I could whip up some homemade ravioli, I’d probably be scoffing at the plastic-wrapped pasta, too.

The fact remains that I’m crazy about pasta, any kind, and I could eat it every day of the week and not get bored. But Lucas would get bored, which is why we have it about once a week. In fact, tonight I went solo on the pasta, because he wanted wild rice. Yawn.

You may have seen similar pasta dishes on here several times before. It’s just so easy and so tasty and at the same time looks kind of fancy. Who doesn’t want a meal like that?

1 bunch of broccoli
1 small bunch of fresh spinach
1/2 package whole wheat fettucini
1/2 cup shredded parmesan

1) Boil chopped broccoli for 2 minutes. Immediately remove from boiling water and place into a bowl with ice water. Let cool.
2) Wash spinach well (if not pre-washed). Coarsley chop.
3) Pure spinach, broccoli, and parmesan in a food processor.
4) Cook pasta as directed. Meanwhile, heat the pesto in a small pan over low to medium heat. Add 1/3 cup of water, mix well.
5) After pasta has been cooked and drained, add pesto. Mix well. Ready! Makes two generous servings.

Swiss chocolate with nuts. Thanks, Flor!

Gym. 15 minutes stretching/abs/core, 30 minutes legs.

Green heart:
I always thoroughly check plastic packaging for a recycling symbol. Tonight’s pasta package unfortunately wasn’t recyclable, but I made sure to triple check.

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I’ve been a really bad with the blog this week! But the weekend is here, time to refresh and regroup and get things done. Including the blog!

I saw a terrible “comedy” last night: “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.” Have you seen it? It was so bad that I was uncomfortable watching it! I even felt embarassed for the big name actors that were in in it. It starred Simon Pegg (love him! Shawn of the Dead! Hot Fuzz! Run Fatboy Run!) so naturally I thought it was going to be a fun film. I was soooo wrong. Don’t see it! It’s a waste of time!

Anyways—we went to see another duplex this morning. What happened with the other one? Who knows! The landlord is MIA. She hasn’t returned my call or my email. We’re not giving up on her yet, but we are starting to look around at other places…We liked the place we saw today (and the owners seemed like very nice, genuine people)—- it’s good to know there is other stuff out there that meets our criteria.

Tonight is the birthday bash at my friend Alex’s. I’m bringing the desserts, so I have lots of baking to do this afternoon. And a run. Can I do both in 4 hours? I hope so! I didn’t work out Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Yikes! Oh, and for the record, I ate another ENTIRE bar of chocolate last night. Wah.

New day. Got to move on.

Breakfast: Small hot mocha from Starbucks.
Lunch: Glass of fresh orange & grapefruit juice.

No, I’m not on a liquid diet! Just a weird day. My weekends are pretty weird in general when it comes to meals. That’s just the way it turns out–it’s hard to have a set dining schedule.

Yesterday’s recap:
Afternoon snack: Pear and a bowl of cereal w/ whole milk and raisins
Dinner: Whole wheat linguini with tomato cream sauce and parmesan cheese
Dessert: Ready for this? A whole dark chocolate bar, raisins, and another bowl of cereal. 😦

Lucas made this wonderful meal, and like always, he makes sure the food is arranged just perfectly. He’s so sweet—I had started out taking pictures of another plate, and he said “Wait! Use this one! It has more food and looks better!” What a supportive husband–not only does he put up with my crazy food blogging, he takes part in it!

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60 minutes of weights/toning at the gym

Afternoon snacks: a juicy orange; celery with peanut butter (apparently, Lucas didn’t know this is a common American snack!)
Dinner: Lucas made a delicious dinner tonight. I had a big serving of broccoli-spinach penne with garlic and freshly grated parmesan

Green heart:
The faucet in our bathtub has been dripping, so we are collecting the water in a basin and using it to water plants.

Good night.

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