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The day has actually been good, in spite of my state of zombiness. It’s been busy so the hours have flown by…..I went out for some fresh air during my lunch break and walked to the bank to get some new checks, but other than that, I’ve been a busy bee.

I did find time to eat not one, but two cookies that my co-worker brought up from a meeting, and as a bonus, a brownie. What the cuss? Yesterday it was Cinnabons, and I totally resisted. Today, it was cookies and brownies, and I waved the white flag without even putting up a fight. Seriously though, when I’m tired, I feel like eating whatever, and usually I do. I wonder if that happens to other people?

Lunch: I started eating lunch at 10:30; not really hungry, but in an eating-mood. Lunch was couscous from last night–good, good, good.
Snack: Banana; 2 cookies and a brownie; cup of tea

Here is a stunningly beautiful (sarcasm, folks) self-portrait taken w/ my new camera, taken last night:

Hmmmmm, time to take care of those eyebrows…..

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Yea!!!! My new camera arrived! I love it, but I’m way too tired right now to get any more excited than this. Sooooo tired. (Top two photos below taken with the new camera. Not much difference really, but I’ve got to play around with it and learn some tricks!)

Long day.

Short post.

Here it is.

45 minutes walking on the treadmill. I felt full for hours after lunch, so that’s all I could handle.

Snack: Take a wild guess. Banana bread!
Lunch: Leftover half of my chicken burrito from Chiptole.
Afternoon snack: Peanut butter and agave sandwich
Dinner: Lucas made a couscous salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon juice, pinenuts, green onion, fresh mint, olive oil, salt, pepper) and of course, couscous. I think I may have had couscous only a couple of times in my life, and it’s been ages since the last time I ate it. I forgot how amazingly delicious it is. There’s nothing else like it in terms of taste and texture. Phenomenol.

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