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It’s been a while since juice has made an appearance on BTGH.

So here you have it. Back my popular demand. Or…my demand.

Breakfast: Fresh juice (oranges, carrots, grapefruit, ginger, apple)
Mid-morning snacks: 3 Turkish figs and a large apple
Lunch: Oven-baked sweet potatoes and potatoes, finely shredded carrots and spinach leaves, beet salad
Snack: A bag of potato chips and a few sips of Diet Coke….horrible…blech
Dinner: Finely shredded carrots and beet salad, 1/2 piece of naan, two pieces of vegetable quiche

Time to call it a night….

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50 minutes at the gym. 15 minutes stretching/abs,  20 minutes on legs, 12 minutes on arms, 3 minute stretching

Post work-out snack: I was starving, and wanted a little something to stave off the hunger for 30 minutes before lunch.  An adorable little apple and a dried Cali fig.

Lunch: Uh-oh. Am I in trouble?

These are not whole foods.

These are not healthy foods.

These are processed, artificial foods.


It get’s worse.

There’s a Diet Coke.

A plastic fork, styrofoam plate, foil. Green heart = black heart!

A few times a year, I get the Fried Rice Combo (fried rice, egg roll, medium soft drink) from the cafe in our building.  Bad as it is, I love it. This morning I was so excited, and so anxious because they seem to run out of this dish at lunchtime, that I went down to the cafe at 8:30 to pre-pay and reserve the FRC. Then I went back at 11:30 to remind the lady (of course she must think I’m completely crazy) to save me a FRC and that I would be back at 12:00…When I came down at 12:00, she had the dish already prepared for me and wrapped up to go. How sweet is she!

Anyway, I enjoyed every bite and drank every last drop of the Diet Coke. Truth be told, Diet Coke makes me feel like crap. It makes me bloated and I feel like I have liquid metal running through my veins. It’s a weird, and uncomfortable, feeling. And when I drink it with food, even worse. For the most part, I avoid drinking liquids with my meals because it impedes proper digestion. As you can see, today I made an exception (several). I don’t regret it, but I definitely feel the effects of the Diet Coke and fried food bubbling around in my stomach.

This was a pre-meditated violation of eating whole, healthy foods.  Not only do I confess, but I accept all punishments and penalties. I do not condone eating this food, but I do give myself a free pass with CULINARY CRAP every once in a while.

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I can’t say I’m thrilled with how time flies in the sense that I’ll soon be 28….but I love how quickly the work week goes!

Mid-morning snacks: 5 dried Cali figs and a banana
Lunch: A plate of leftover linguini with broccoli pesto.

Black heart:
No green heart today! 😦 I needed to print a single page from a long document, but I forgot to select “current page” as the printing option. I wasted 40 pages of paper…they’ll go to my reuse stack, but still… 😦

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Lunch: Leftover linguini with meat sauce.
Post-lunch: 4 dried Medjool dates and 2 dried Cali figs

I spent my lunch break looking at place for rent in Austin. Moving is exciting, but stressful at the same time. We love where we live now, but we need more space and the management company is a joke–they have caused me so much stress and hassle over the past two years. Boo.

Austin, why do you have to be such a hot spot? Why does the property value of your homes have to be so high? Why do P.O.S. 2-bedrooms get to rent for $1000 a month? Why!?!?

But….I love Austin. So what can I do?

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Get Juiced

Not sure what that really means. But it sounded good.

Tuesday morning. Alright!

It’s cold out there! (Texas cold). There were ice crystals on the bench at my bus stop!

Breakfast: Fresh juice and dried California figs and Medjool dates. I actually ate the dried fruit an hour after drinking the juice. I’m kind of lazy, but when I can, I try to separate the consumption of certain foods. It’s better for digestion.

5 carrots
2 stalks of celery
2 small oranges
1 tiny piece of fresh ginger

So fresh and so clean clean!

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So excited!

Remember Jessie Spano? Yeah, that’s totally me right now, minus the caffeine pills. I’m so excited—I ran 9.3 miles today! Just like that. I feel amazing; there is nothing like a long distance run to get your adrenaline pumping.

My run was inspired by two women this morning: my mom, who is pounding out 20 miles run like its nobody’s business as she trains for the Austin Marathon, and Tina from Carrotsncake.com whose inspiring post from Saturday made me get out and run today and keep on running when I passed my usual comfort mileage of 6.2.


-9.3 miles at Town Lake
-10 minutes light yoga with Rodney Yee DVD
-10 minutes Bikram yoga-inspired poses
-Plus, indoor soccer game tonight

Breakfast: I’m not one to skip breakfast, but I wanted to get up and go for a run this morning, plus I wasn’t remotely hungry. I had 6 California figs after my run, and two after my lunch.
Lunch: Lucas made a vegetable soup, which included carrots, squash, celery, green onions, and spinach. I also ate a piece of whole grain toast topped with a hard-boiled egg. Shortly after I made another piece of toast to sop up the last of the soup.

I’ve been procrastinating….time for a shower!

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