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I ended up running 5 miles. I usually like to run without music so I can clear my head, but today I took my Ipod with me and I have to admit it makes the run go by so much faster!

Snacks: A bite of a cookie cake I had made for Lucas’s birthday (the pre-challenge me would have had a nice slice); a small apple
Dinner: A salad of shredded carrots & cabbage, spinach leaves, chopped celery, brown rice, tossed in olive oil, salt pepper, and topped with a few chunks of mozzarella cheese; a small glass of Champagne
Dessert: I am pondering a couple of tablespoons of raisins & chocolate chips. Just to satisfy the sweet tooth (challenge-friendly!)

Good night!

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Breakfast: A banana, and later two slices of whole grain toast with two generous, selfless tablespoons of creamy peanut butter and 1 tbs agave nectar.
Pre-lunch snack: A large, crisp apple
Lunch: Two sunny-side up eggs topped with shredded lettuce, spinach leaves, carrots, and Happy Rice

No photos of these exciting edible entities….having trouble with the uploading. Perhaps later?

On another note, my darling friend Ashley is working towards putting the Blue Tree Green Heart-approved food philosophy into daily practice. Check out her post (in which she gives me major props, awww shucks. I like how she makes me out to be a food angel. Pass the Haagan Daas please.) at Out of Control Fatroll.

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8 Mile

I mapped out a route earlier on Google maps and set out for a 6 mile run (to the Texas State Capitol and back). Only, it turns out it was an 8 mile run! Double checked the mileage when I came back, and it was four each way. Sweet! No wonder my legs were like J-E-L-L-O!

A great run–through historic Hyde Park, UT campus, and a turn around at the Capitol near the edge of downtown. So many people out and about, something that I love about living in this area of Austin.

Dinner: Strawberry Fields Salad…Fresh spinach leaves tossed in olive oil and topped with sheep’s cheese, candied pecans, and sliced strawberries.

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Lunch: What an improvement from last night’s salad! The exact same ingredients, exact this time I tossed the spinach leaves in olive oil, salt, and pepper. It made a world of difference. I love all of the different flavors working together here. Delicious.

Strawberry Fields Salad:
-slice strawberries, mushrooms
-candied nuts, chopped or whole (pecans or walnuts)
-crumbled feta cheese
-fresh spinach leaves
-olive oil, salt, pepper

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Good. I went to bed at 9:00 (fell asleep on the bed–woke up at 1:00 am to brush the teeth!) and got up at 6:45.

I had 2 and a half spelt pancakes topped with sliced strawberries and agave nectar. The recipe was super easy, adapted from Angela’s of Oh She Glows.

Pancakes for two:

  • 1 cup spelt flour
  • 1 t cinnamon
  • pinch sea salt
  • 2 t baking powder
  • 1/2 c whole milk (or milk of your choice)

-Mix dry ingredients in a medium bowl. Add milk, and stir well. Batter should be smooth and have a somewhat thick consistency (if you like your pancakes nice and thin, add more milk to the batter).
-Pour batter onto a greased skillet, over medium heat.
-Flip pancake once bubble appear in batter and edges appear crisp and firm.
-Heat other side, and serve with topping of your choice.
-Makes 5 big pancakes.

Dinner recap:  A bed of fresh spinach topped with…candied pecans…feta cheese…..

….as well as sliced mushrooms and strawberries.

To be honest, the looks and sounds a lot better than it tasted. It was kind of ho-hum, because the spinach was dry. I thought that with all the flavors in the salad (strawberries, feta cheese, candied pecans, mushrooms) that no type of dressing was necessary, but I was wrong.

Fitness? It’s been days since I’ve exercised regularly. I blame it on the trip to Spain and trying to get back into the groove of things here at home…. My goals today though are a workout at the gym and a run home.

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Mid-morning snack: 4 medjool dates and a handful of pistacchios
Lunch: A gorgeous salad of greens topped with sliced cucumbers, tomato, and 2 sliced hard-boiled eggs

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Mid-morning snack: 4 glorious Medjool dates.
Lunch: Salad greens with cucumber slices and celery sticks, topped with a bean salad (pinto beans, olive oil, tomatoes, parsley)….and later ham & cheese (non-organic) on homemade white bread

-45 minutes gym (abs & legs)
-Plus I plan to run home after work (4.5 miles)

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