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The office building where I once worked in mid-town Manhattan had a Starbucks on the first floor. In the afternoons, when those afternoon blahs would hit, I would hop in the express elevator (35th floor to 1st floor in like 4 seconds!), stand in the seemingly ever present line, and order a tall skim vanilla latte and dark chocolate covered graham crackers or, if it was autumn, a pumpkin spice donut. It was so convenient having it right there. Plus, in midtown Manhattan, you don’t have the cute coffeehouses that you think of when you think of NYC. Everything is chain & corporate. So, at that time in my life, SB was a satisfactory solution to those end-of-the-day cravings.

In Austin, there are tons of coffeehouses and bakeries, so there is no real need or desire to stop by a Starbucks. (We’re not big coffee drinkers anyway). But someone gave Lucas a gift card to SB, so today we went and met Liz there for late morning java and treats.

I ordered a tall coffee and a glazed cake donut. The donut was yum, but the coffee was pretty terrible. I could only manage a few sips, it tasted like burnt water, and the whole milk and sugar in the raw that I added didn’t seem to help it much. But, we had a good time hanging out, relaxing, and chatting with Liz.

It even looks watery. Don’t you think? Could be the reflection, but I don’t know….

This was my saving grace. I love donuts. But I never get them. This was a real treat! Good choice.

Green heart(s):
We reduced! Since we were staying at SB to hang out, Lucas and I asked for our drinks in mugs.

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