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Lazy Saturday

Exciting weekend ahead! My parents and my sister Jill will be in town for the Austin Marathon! Mom is running the marathon (she’s been training like what) and Jill (fitness queen) is going to breeze through the half-marathon. I’m exciting to go out and support…even if the race does start at 7:00 am on Valentine’s Day.

I spent the morning lounging around then cleaning up a bit. Lucas and I had planned to go out for brunch, but we’re going to do that tomorrow instead with my Dad and Liz, in between cheering on our runners.

Once again…some random weekend eating…

Breakfast: 1 cup of Ezekiel Original with soymilk and a tbs of agave nectar
Lunch: Two slices of Ezekiel Low Sodium bread with 3 tbs of peanut butter and honey. A cup of Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea.

Those roses have been holding up pretty well; it’s been like 10 days! They’re probably on their last leg, but they are still photogenic!

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We have no groceries left. None. This is my lunch today. I’m not complaining, because I love peanut butter. But it’s usually more of a breakfast for me.

Lunch: Ezekiel Low-Sodium toast (blech! Eventually I had to sprinkle the PB with salt!) with a creamy peanut butter and honey topping

I took my lunch hour early, and hit the gym in the morning. I had so much more energy and desire to work out.
-60 minutes weights and toning

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Good lunch

Whew. I am feeling sooo much better than I have over the past 4 days or so. I got some rest today, have been trying to put things in perspective, plus have gotten lots of kind words from family and friends. My problems were by no means grave or serious, but I’ve been really down about them, and well…it’s nice to feel better.

Stress level:

Lunch: Pretty much a repeat of last night. Salad greens & spinach with honey dijon dressing and a side of Happy Rice with 1 chopped Roma tomato.

A great lunch!

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The wind was blowing. The rain was falling. The air was cold. The sky was gray. I woke up this morning, hit snooze three times, and said “screw it, I’m taking a vacation day.” After making the necessary phone calls, I lay in bed, drinking some juice, trying to decide if I would go back to sleep or get up and do stuff around the house.

Then……….oh snap.

I suddenly realized I had a very important phone call to make at work. Meaning, my spur-of-the-moment vacation day was no longer….But, at least I remembered, because it would have been bad, bad news if I hadn’t!

Breakfast: Lucas made me a fresh juice. I didn’t ask what was in it, but probably carrots, oranges, apple, lemon, ginger.
Later at work, I had Ezekiel toast with a glorious blend of crunchy peanut butter and honey. There wasn’t that much PB left in the jar, so at home I had poured honey on top of it, stirred well, and had a thick, smooth, creamy topping for my toast. Delicioso.

My workouts have been so minimal this week. Today I’m going to try to hit the gym for some weights & cardio.

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