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Looks like everyone and their dog decided to join a gym for their New Year’s resolution! The gym was packed tonight. Granted, it was gym rush hour, but still. Lots of peeps. Good for them!

-40 minutes on the treadmill: 5 minute warm-up jog, 30 minutes at 7.5 to 8 mph, and 5 minute cool down jog/walk.
-5-10 minutes of ab/core work: 3 x 20 on the ball, 3 x 30 second face down planks

Afternoon snack: Slice of banana bread and a cup of green tea
Post-workout snack: 2 dates and 2 figs. I should have had an apple–didn’t get much fresh fruit today.
Dinner: Quibebe. I should have had a salad, too. Nothing green today.
Dessert: 3 assorted chocolates. I wasn’t really even craving sweets. But I knew the box of choco was there. So…

Quibebe recipe:

1) Cut a medium-sized butternut squash into large cubes (pumpkin is ok too). Place cubes into a large pot, fill with water until it covers the squash half-way. Heat on medium heat until tender.
2) Remove from heat. Scrape out the squash “meat”
3) In a large pot, sautee 1 chopped onion until tender and golden. Add a bit of salt.
4) Add squash to the sauteed onions. Optional: you can puree the squash before adding it to the onions for a creamier texture.
5) Heat over low fire. Stir occassionally until mixture is relatively smooth.
6) Optional: add 2 cups of corn. You can used canned corn kernels, frozen corn kernels (prepare first as directed), or fresh corn kernels. Stir, then season to taste with ground pepper and cayenne pepper
7) Add 1.5 cups of grated cheese. Mozarrella works well, but be sure it’s not “fresh” mozarella. It should be a low-moisture mozarella. 8) Mix well. Let cheese melt a bit, or a lot if you like it nice and creamy.
9) Continue to heat over low fire until mixture, mixing occassionally. Add a handful of chopped green onion. Salt to taste.
10) Heat over low fire 10-15 minutes more. Serve hot. (It’s good at any temp really!)

Lucas makes this dish. It’s one of my faves.

Green heart:
It was cold and dark by the time I got to the bus stop after my gym workout. Lucas offered to pick me up, but I turned his sweet offer down. The bus was going towards home, what’s a little wait? (Plus, why waste my hubby’s time?)

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Home again

I’m in Austin again, back from 4 days of eating, laughing, lounging, talking, and a whole lot of doing glorious nothing. Isn’t that just the best sometimes? Ooohh, and I have a whole ‘nother week of no work! I’m so excited! And— Lucas is on board with adapting the 9-5 sleep schedule. We’re going to try to start it this week!


Breakfast: steel cut oats with dried cranberries, dried currants, carob chips, agave nectar, soymilk. I was excited because my dad let me make him a bowl! I offered after I saw him pulling a packet of microwave oatmeal from the cupboard! 🙂

Lunch: Leftover quibebe

Dessert: 4 pieces of assorted chocolates

Going to have a cup of tea and make a menu for the week and the grocery shopping list!

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Don’t you love getting mail? Don’t you wish we all sent each other more letters? I do. That’s yet another one of my New Year’s resolutions. Back in the age of snail mail, which is up for debate as to when it ended–my guess is around 1994-98, I used to write letters. To friends from basketball camp, to grade school pen pals, to my aunts, uncles, and grandparents (Dear Grams, How are you? I am fine.) I owned stationary. I knew cursive. Proper cursive. I wrote real, heart-felt letters.

I’ve got a jump start on this resolution: my college friend Emily and I have begun exchange weekly correspondence with the help of the USPS. Isn’t that great! It was kickstarted after Lucas and I visited Emily and her husband Marcin in Boulder. We agree to be penpals— I even sent the first TWO letters. Go me. I love getting the letters from Emily. Emily, by the way, is awesome, and I mean that literally, as awesome is truly defined, but that is a blog post for another day.

Go off on a tangent lately? Guilty. Back to what started the whole mail boo-hoo: got home and there was mail! Two Christmas cards and a gift I had ordered for one of my sisters. Yea!

Tiger Woods, you are disgusting. And by the way, golf sucks. And by the way, you are NOT the greatest athlete in the world just because you make the most money! P.S. Happy Holidays.

Snack: Chunks of bread dipped in olive oil
Dinner: Quibebe. Quibebe is a dish from Argentina, Lucas’s homeland. Quibebe is best eaten in the winter, because it’s filling and hot. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods. In a nutshell, its pureed pumpkin, corn, mozarella cheese, yellow onions, green onions, and seasonings (crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper). If you’d like to try it, please contact me for the recipe.

Green heart:
I work in a study abroad office. This afternoon, I started issuing students electronic receipts instead of paper receipts. I used to do it half and half, letting the students choose. Choices are nice, but not always necessary—now, it’s my way or the highway. No, not really. If they want a paper receipt, I’m happy to oblige. : )

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