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I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump. Gone are the days of posting thrice daily. Quite frankly, it consumes precious time and energy, and let’s face it: it’s not exactly the most interesting material.

But I can’t just give it up. I still want the message of my blog to be out there: live well, eat whole & organic, and be as green as you can be. Maybe the direction of the blog will change, in fact I’m pretty sure it will, but for now, I’m forging ahead. I just might not cover as much distance as I did in the previous months. We shall see.

Breakfast: Two fried eggs with mozzarella cheese and two slices of toasted baguette topped with olive oil, parsley, and garlic
Snack: Two whole carrots; raisins
Lunch: Whole grain toast with crunchy peanut butter, one slice topped with Jan’s jam and the other topped with honey

Friday….went to the gym and later ran 4 miles after work
Saturday…..soccer game. We didn’t have any subs, so I played the whole game. This old lady was tired!
Sunday….plan to go on a run. 4 to 8 miles, not sure yet.

I’ve put on at least 5 pounds in the past few months, exercising less and eating more sweets.  Ellen, what gives? I have no good excuses. So I’ve created a little challenge for myself. I was going to call it the Lose Weight, Look Great Challenge or something like that, but that’s lame and overdone, so I’m going to call it like I see it….

The “I’m-28-and-have-not-had-kids-so-if-I-can’t-look-hot-now-when-will-I-ever?!? Challenge”.

I don’t want to get all crazy with a diet. I just can’t do diets. Don’t like them, don’t support them, especially for someone that is not technically overweight. Basically, I’m focusing on two things: I am trying to make my exercise more consistent and frequent. Everyone thinks I work out all the time, but that’s not true. Maybe 3 days or 4 days a week? Time to step it up. The second thing is cutting back on the ice cream, chocolate, etc. So far, so good. (It’s day 3 of the challenge).

Wish me luck!

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Breakfast: A banana, and later two slices of whole grain toast with two generous, selfless tablespoons of creamy peanut butter and 1 tbs agave nectar.
Pre-lunch snack: A large, crisp apple
Lunch: Two sunny-side up eggs topped with shredded lettuce, spinach leaves, carrots, and Happy Rice

No photos of these exciting edible entities….having trouble with the uploading. Perhaps later?

On another note, my darling friend Ashley is working towards putting the Blue Tree Green Heart-approved food philosophy into daily practice. Check out her post (in which she gives me major props, awww shucks. I like how she makes me out to be a food angel. Pass the Haagan Daas please.) at Out of Control Fatroll.

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Mid-morning snack: 4 medjool dates and a handful of pistacchios
Lunch: A gorgeous salad of greens topped with sliced cucumbers, tomato, and 2 sliced hard-boiled eggs

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Tired, but fine

Breakfast: I made that beautiful banana bread that you see before you! I am posting the recipe later tonight. It’s super moist and flavorful AND healthy (olive oil instead of butter, honey instead of sugar, you get the idea)…..We were low on fruits/veggies, so I only had enough to make a half glass of juice this morning (a few carrots, an apple, and some ginger)…..At work, I had a couple of slices of the banana bread and a cup of tea.
Lunch: Fresh spinach topped with shredded cabbage, brown rice and zucchini, lightly heated in a skillet, and an egg on the side.

-45 minutes at the gym (stretching/abs/legs)
-Plan to run home if it’s not raining (4.5 mi)

Monday’s over!!!! 🙂

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Eggs on salad

Mid-morning snack: 1 cup of Kashi GO LEAN Crunch! Honey Almond Flax
Lunch: Salad greens with 2 chopped carrots, 1 chopped celery stalk, sunflower seeds, 2 scrambled eggs (non-organic), topped with honey dijon dressing. Of course, the eggs were cooked in the kitchen at work on my new burner!

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2 Step Omelet

Dinner duty was mine tonight. In theory. Lucas ended up making the Happy Rice, and I, the omelets.

2-Step Omelets:
Step 1: Chop fresh spinach leaves.
Step 2: Crack two eggs into a bowl and mix well.

Ok, there are a couple of additional steps (recipe below), but really, this is easy stuff.

In theory.

Attempt #1/Room for Improvement

Attempt #2/Best in Show

Pre-dinner: A glass of red wine. I am loving the Wine Houdini. The wine stays good for at least 10 days!
Dinner: 1 spinach omelette and a side of Happy Rice.
Dessert: A serving of Swiss chocolate with nuts. (After my Chocolate Bar Hat Trick this past weekend, I probably should have said no…)

2 Step Omelets
(serves 2)

You need:
4 eggs
1/2 of a 9 oz bag of fresh spinach leaves
olive oil

Make 1 omelet at a time…

1) Chop spinach leaves into small, fine pieces
2) Beat two eggs in a small mixing bowl. Add salt and pepper.
3) Heat olive oil in a skillet or frying pan, over medium heat.
4) Once oil has thinned and spread throughout the pan, add the eggs to the pan.
5) When edges start to bubble and eggs appear half-way cooked, add spinach in a neat row down the middle of the pan. See above photo.
6) Gently lift one side of the omelet, and fold over the spinach. Do the same with the other side.
7) With care, flip entire omelet onto opposite side. Cook for a couple of minutes.
8) Ready to serve.

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Where did the day go? I did some writing, I made dinner, ate dinner while watching a documentary (Austinites, this is a must see: The Unforseen). All of a sudden, it’s 10:30! What the cuss? I still have papers to file and an apartment to clean. Wah!! Will it be a long night, or an early morning? We shall see.

Dinner was tasty, but there were a lot of mixes of foods going on (hot, cold, protein, carb) and it’s not sitting so well with me now. Ouch. I’m going to have some peppermint tea.

Speaking of tea, let me just say, I can be such a space cadet. I put water on to boil. And then I forgot about it. I remembered just now. Where is the kettle? Oh, look, there are the tea cups with the tea already steeping. Lucas. Thank you, dear husband.

Yeah, well, Lucas isn’t perfect either. Tonight he got a fire going in the fireplace…and forgot to open the flue! Luckily that was  short-lived, but still. We had to open all of the windows and turn on the fans to get the smokiness out. We had to freeze to get warm. Ironic.

I’m quite the rambler this evening. Shall we?

Pre-dinner: Apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon
Dinner: Salad greens with a chopped hard-boiled egg and a finely shredded carrot, tossed in a honey-mustard dressing. On the side, sweet potato “fries” and oven-roasted onions.

One of my new goals is to focus on portion-control. Most days, I eat the same amount as my husband. Which I suppose would be fine if I was actually hungry enough. But usually I give myself a big serving, when I should start out small, or I go back for seconds, when I should wait a while to see if I really want more. Kate gave me a good portion tip today: eat what you can find into the palms of your cupped hands. I need to actually give it a try!

I’m kind of thinking it’s going to be a late night rather than an early morning….I’m way too full to go to bed now.

Buenas noches!

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Somehow, today turned into a day of doing nothing. It was supposed to be a day of doing something. Lots of somethings. I had a lot of somethings to do. What happened?

Post-breakfast: I had a tiny bowl of greek yogurt with agave nectar and again..straight from the jar….2 tbs of PB! Oh, and I think a square of the orange-chocolate worked it’s way in somewhere.
Lunch: Two eggs over whole grain toast, with a side of salad. I ended up not eating the salad. It seemed to complicated. Or not complicated enough. I don’t know. I wasn’t feeling the greens.

Warning: graphic image below. One of the eggs was severely injured in the cooking process.

Post-lunch: A cup of greek yogurt drizzled with agave nectar and a couple of tbs of Ezekiel Original. Later, some Happy Rice. And a cookie. Lucas has just brought me a small snickerdoodle cookie. Thanks. A lot.

So you see…it’s not an unhealthy eating day. It’s just random. And not the best. No fruits, no veggies (except for the carrot at breakfast). I’m just not into that at all today. Maybe dinner will see a change?

None. Not into that today either, apparently. 🙂

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Surely I’m not the only one who has a butcher knife at work…

I know your workspace doubles as a private kitchen, too.

Am I right? 😉

Mid-morning snack: Dried California figs and Medjool dates
Lunch: Salad greens with 1 sliced carrot, 2 hard-boiled eggs, feta cheese, and sunflower seeds.

I’m going a little light on the lunch today (although I did have TWO bowls of the above) because tonight Lucas is making his famous spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner. It’s sooooo good, but heavy, so I want to try to eat light to prepare my stomach for the culinary joy that awaits it.

See you later!

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Just another…

I was on my way back from an important errand (ok, another stop at Forever 21. To exchange something.) when a man asked me for directions. I confidently motioned him in the right direction. “Oh yes, it’s right down that street.” We parted ways, and then I started thinking. Wait a minute. He meant x, y, z. Oh, no! That’s the other way! Oh dear me. A parking lot now separated us, and cars were blocking my vision, so I couldn’t actually see him anymore. I thought about yelling out, “Sir! Excuse me, sir!” and hoping for the best, but I decided against it. Should I have chased him down? What does one do in that situation? Sure, he’ll figure it out sooner or later, or stop and get directions again. But the point is I knew.

Ah well. Nothing like food to clear a guilty conscience:

Mid-morning beverage: Tea. I needed caffeine in a bad way. I got up at 6:00 (grudgingly); I don’t think I got even 7 hours of sleep. Working on it.

Mid-morning snack: My stomach stopped growling at me once I fed it a hard-boiled egg. Yes, an egg. Just an egg. I didn’t have much, if any, protein for breakfast, so I thought why not?

Lunch: Leftovers from last night. That’s usually the case for lunch at work. Room temp, no micro.

I hope to go to the gym after work to run on the treadmill. I loathe running on a treadmill, but it’s too cold for an outdoor run!

Brrr! Really though, I’m loving this weather. Now if only it were CLOUDY & GRAY outside….

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