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What a long but productive day. I spent the afternoon cleaning and cooking, had dinner, and drove down to my indoor game. We lost–boo–but it was a good game and fun as always!

Snacks: A couple of slices off a block of gruyere cheese, and a baked apple. I surprised myself with my little baked apple invention! It was so good, like a pie, without the crust.  Who needs the crust?!? 🙂 …. I sliced a large apple, put a drop of agave nectar on each slice and a sprinkling of cinnammon, and baked it in a toaster oven at 400 degrees for 12 minutes. I took the tray out, added a couple of teaspoons of rolled oats to about half of the apples, and broiled for 3 minutes. The result was a warm, tasty treat. Go me!
Dinner: I was on a roll today; I made another tasty new dish! Not that it was rocket science, but it was fun to “create”. I made a arugula-tomato paste by pureeing a small bunch of arugula and 3 tomatoes in the food processor. I added salt, pepper, a bit of olive oil, and kept it warm on low heat while cooking bowtie pasta. After the pasta was cooked and drained, I poured the paste/sauce over the pasta, mixed well,and topped with freshly grated Parm-Regg. Voila! Dinner is served. (I saved a fourth of my plate for after the game. Came home hungry!)…The sauce is enough for a 16 oz box of pasta.

Did you see that pasta workin’ it for the camera? Hmm-hm-hm.

Green heart:
I was about to pre-heat the oven to bake my measly one apple, when I realized I could probably do the same in the toaster oven, and use a fraction of the energy. So I did!

Sleep tight!

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Lucas and I just finished watching an amazing documentary called “Water: The Great Mystery.” From here on out, I will be whispering “I love you” to my glasses of water and playing Bach and Mozart for them. I’m not making fun! Water, you see, has feelings/memory, and it is a scientific fact. See the documentary!

1 hour at the gym: 15 minutes stretching/abs, 45 minutes weights (legs)
Walked home from bus stop! About 20 minutes.

Dinner: Whole grain pasta with farmer’s market tomatoes & arugula, topped with grated reggiano.

How GOOD does this look?

Green heart:
We save every scrap of paper that we get and store it in a big blue bin for recycling. It’s full! Time to drop it off at the recycling center.

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