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The day has actually been good, in spite of my state of zombiness. It’s been busy so the hours have flown by…..I went out for some fresh air during my lunch break and walked to the bank to get some new checks, but other than that, I’ve been a busy bee.

I did find time to eat not one, but two cookies that my co-worker brought up from a meeting, and as a bonus, a brownie. What the cuss? Yesterday it was Cinnabons, and I totally resisted. Today, it was cookies and brownies, and I waved the white flag without even putting up a fight. Seriously though, when I’m tired, I feel like eating whatever, and usually I do. I wonder if that happens to other people?

Lunch: I started eating lunch at 10:30; not really hungry, but in an eating-mood. Lunch was couscous from last night–good, good, good.
Snack: Banana; 2 cookies and a brownie; cup of tea

Here is a stunningly beautiful (sarcasm, folks) self-portrait taken w/ my new camera, taken last night:

Hmmmmm, time to take care of those eyebrows…..

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Breakfast: Green tea and a slice of banana bread
“Lunch”: Coffee with half & half and 1/2 banana walnut pancake and 1/2 chocolate raspberry pancake from Mother‘s.

-An indoor soccer game this evening, and earlier…..
-Cycling from point to point on the marathon course to cheer on Mom and Jill! Congratulations on your completing your first marathons!

Jill & Mom (center) in the pink and black. Look at my mom’s legs! Looking good, woman!…..I love this pic of Jill. She looks so cute and just happy to be there!

Family V-Day dinner at Cannoli Joe’s. I won’t even began to list what I ate—I’m so full and can barely move right now! I was famished when we got there, and I went back for seconds like four times. Bad idea.

It’s been a loooong day and bed is sounding really good right about now. Good night!

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Breakfast: Fresh carrot/orange/apple/lemon juice. I will probably follow-this up with some oatmeal!

Recap Yesterday:
Birthday Game Night at Alex’s. It was fun! We had lots of good eats……

….and good drinks (yea for mojitos!)…and games galore! The big hit of the night was JENGA!! Who knew? We couldn’t get enough…..

And I walked away with some lovely bday gifts—check these beauties out! Thank you, Melanie (front and center) and Dave and Agnes (right)!…My fresh flower collection is complete:

Yesterday fitness:
Ran 30 minutes in the hills of our neighborhood.

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I’ve been a really bad with the blog this week! But the weekend is here, time to refresh and regroup and get things done. Including the blog!

I saw a terrible “comedy” last night: “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.” Have you seen it? It was so bad that I was uncomfortable watching it! I even felt embarassed for the big name actors that were in in it. It starred Simon Pegg (love him! Shawn of the Dead! Hot Fuzz! Run Fatboy Run!) so naturally I thought it was going to be a fun film. I was soooo wrong. Don’t see it! It’s a waste of time!

Anyways—we went to see another duplex this morning. What happened with the other one? Who knows! The landlord is MIA. She hasn’t returned my call or my email. We’re not giving up on her yet, but we are starting to look around at other places…We liked the place we saw today (and the owners seemed like very nice, genuine people)—- it’s good to know there is other stuff out there that meets our criteria.

Tonight is the birthday bash at my friend Alex’s. I’m bringing the desserts, so I have lots of baking to do this afternoon. And a run. Can I do both in 4 hours? I hope so! I didn’t work out Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Yikes! Oh, and for the record, I ate another ENTIRE bar of chocolate last night. Wah.

New day. Got to move on.

Breakfast: Small hot mocha from Starbucks.
Lunch: Glass of fresh orange & grapefruit juice.

No, I’m not on a liquid diet! Just a weird day. My weekends are pretty weird in general when it comes to meals. That’s just the way it turns out–it’s hard to have a set dining schedule.

Yesterday’s recap:
Afternoon snack: Pear and a bowl of cereal w/ whole milk and raisins
Dinner: Whole wheat linguini with tomato cream sauce and parmesan cheese
Dessert: Ready for this? A whole dark chocolate bar, raisins, and another bowl of cereal. 😦

Lucas made this wonderful meal, and like always, he makes sure the food is arranged just perfectly. He’s so sweet—I had started out taking pictures of another plate, and he said “Wait! Use this one! It has more food and looks better!” What a supportive husband–not only does he put up with my crazy food blogging, he takes part in it!

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Naughty not nice


Uh-oh. The past few days have been bad news when it comes to food, fitness, and being green. Of course, hanging out with my family has been awesome and I wouldn’t trade that for anything….but I wish I could some how turn back the hands of the clock and make better choices.

Wednesday night through Friday night at my parents’ home:

Naughty food:
Wednesday night: handful of those fake little cheddar fish crackers, enchilada soup and salad at Chili’s, 6 homemade cookies
Thursday: organic granola with soymilk (they had the granola, we brought the soymilk), conventionally grown banana, questionable “chicken” flautas and mexican rice and refried beans at Mexican restaurant, baked ziti with sauce from a jar (it was tasty), several slices of bread with some fake garlic butter, 1/2 glass of white whine, too-many-to-count homemade cookies
Friday: 1 sunny-side up egg, a couple of bite-size pastries from H-E-B, rye bread with agave nectar (brought that from home), green tea, 4 chocolates from a box of Russell Stover, 5 more bite-size pastries, a brownie, handful of the fake cheddar fish crackers, chocolate-covered raisins, turkey (pre-cooked), stuffing, mashed potatoes (from flakes), gravy (jar), corn (canned), asparagus (jar) cranberry sauce, 1/4 of an H-E-B croissant, 1/2 a glass of apple cider, more chocolate-covered raisins, three homemade cookies, two servings of vanilla ice cream, a slice of pie (frozen)

The problem was not that I didn’t eat whole foods over the past few days. (I believe whole foods are healthier and taste better, but they haven’t been readily available).  The major problem is that I went crazy with the sweets and snacking between and after meals. I know it’s the holidays, but that’s no excuse to go hogwild, is it now? Truth be told, I physically feel like crap.

Fitness: Thursday: nothing. Friday: 1 hour of slow walking.

Green heart:
Black heart. My parents don’t recycle, unfortunately those services are not offered where they live. Cans, plastic, and glass bottles were trashed. I could have and should have taken them out of the garbage, rinsed them off, and save them to bring to Austin to recycle. But I didn’t.

Wow. This all sounds so awful doesn’t it? But I’ve really enjoyed the past few days as I’ve been around family and relaxing. That is the most important! Did I have some personal failures, yes–but it’s a new day and I’m getting back up on that horse…. and am going to enjoy the rest of the time with my family.

Better already : )

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Why is a balanced meal of WHOLE foods important?
Case and point:
I forgot my lunch today. There was a bag of butter-free, salt-free in my desk (which I had to therefore douse in salt), so that was my lunch….uh…still not satisfied, so I followed that with SIX ferrero rochers…..which got the sugar craving kicking in high gear, so that was followed by a package of strawberry Pop Tarts from the vending machine. Yikes.

Moral of the story: (besides “don’t forget your lunch”) eating a filling, nutritious lunch is key in avoiding these kind of nutritional/caloric failures.

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