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Tasty tasty

Finally! I cleaned my workspace today in a major way. AND created a nice little space for my personal odds & ends that I keep here at work: utensils, condiments, dental care, etc! This cabinet was previously cluttered with papers and folders; I went through all of them and was able to get rid of the bulk of it.

By the way, that is NOT a bottle of wine 🙂 Well, it was once upon a time, but we converted it into to an olive oil dispenser.

-55 minutes at the gym: 15 minutes stretching/abs/core, 25 minutes legs, 15 arms.
-I also plan to run home from work, about 4 miles.

Mid-morning snack: 6 dried Cali figs
Pre-workout snack: a small yogurt with a cup of Kashi GO LEAN Crunch! Honey Almond Flax
Lunch: Salad grees with sprouted sunflower seeds and brown rice, drizzled in olive oil, and two slices of Alvaredo Street Bakery Sprouted Multi-Grain toast, drizzled in olive oil

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Recap from yesterday: I came home and had a little happy hour for myself: white wine, cheese from Spain, homemade bread, and olive oil.

Last night was a stare-at-the-tv kind of night. I even when out and bought Ben & Jerry’s to go along with it. I might have eaten the whole pint! Not something I really want to admit, but well, it’s part of the blog. I’ve strayed from the path to healthy living and eating the last couple of days, but well, I’m back on the path again so here we go…

Breakfast: Lucas brought me a juice in bed. How good is this man? The fresh juice had carrots, apple, lemon, ginger, and I think some grapefruit. Later at work, I had Ezekiel toast with crunchy peanut butter and agave nectar.

TGIF, and I mean it. This week has been e-t-e-r-n-a-l.

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Get yer carbs on

Today was over in the blink of an eye. I knocked out one creative writing assignment, but that was the only thing I managed to do in the three hours after lunch! Still a good day though….I got in a nice run at Town Lake, and we had a fun dinner with my parents and Liz and Jill.

A slow-as-molasses 10k at Town Lake…..The crowds were out today! Must be a lot of those folks in town for the marathon.

Snacks: Dried currants and an apple
Dinner: Salad greens with honey dijon dressing and a large portion of spaghetti with meat sauce and parmesan, homemade bread, and white wine. We had to carb up Mom and Jill for the big race tomorrow!

As per usual, credit goes to Lucas for this amazing feast.

Early morning tomorrow! Heading out at 6:00 am to support my Marathoners!

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Lazy Saturday

Exciting weekend ahead! My parents and my sister Jill will be in town for the Austin Marathon! Mom is running the marathon (she’s been training like what) and Jill (fitness queen) is going to breeze through the half-marathon. I’m exciting to go out and support…even if the race does start at 7:00 am on Valentine’s Day.

I spent the morning lounging around then cleaning up a bit. Lucas and I had planned to go out for brunch, but we’re going to do that tomorrow instead with my Dad and Liz, in between cheering on our runners.

Once again…some random weekend eating…

Breakfast: 1 cup of Ezekiel Original with soymilk and a tbs of agave nectar
Lunch: Two slices of Ezekiel Low Sodium bread with 3 tbs of peanut butter and honey. A cup of Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea.

Those roses have been holding up pretty well; it’s been like 10 days! They’re probably on their last leg, but they are still photogenic!

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Good afternoon

Lunch: My boss is retiring at the end of the week, so we took him out for a lunchtime celebration. We dined at Mandola’s, an awesome Italian place that has AMAZING pizza.

But I didn’t have pizza. 😦

I exercised some rare self-control since I know I’m eating pizza tonight while watching THE GAME.

Instead, I had boring ol’ minestrone soup and a piece of butter-soaked bread. The soup was rather blah.

6 hours and 47 minutes until kick-off!

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