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Riddle me this: what’s better than brunch?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Brunch. It was a brilliant man (or woman) that invented brunch.

Why, you ask?

Because of this:

A good day.

Brunch: Scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, 2 slices of white bread with butter and homemade strawberry jam (courtesy of my friend, Jan), a scone with more of that kickass jam, strawberries and berries, and a couple bites of a horrid banana sandwich that I made based on a recipe I saw online.  And naturally, mimosas.
Snacks: An orange and before dinner, a small apple
Dinner: Happy rice, shredded cabbage and carrot salad, tomatoes with fresh basil, fresh spinach

Ran 60 minutes.

I want to do some reading before bed, so goodnight!

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How do I love thee…

Just back from a delicious brunch with friends. What better way to spend a Sunday morning?

I love restaurants that feature foods made with local and/or organic ingredients. The number of such eateries in Austin is growing, and I already have a few favorites. One of them is the Eastside Cafe.  They have a huge garden and a ________ (flock? herd? what is it called?) of chickens on site! Everything they grow and raise, from the lettuce to the eggs, is used in the restaurant. How great is that? (I will note that most of the foods the restaurant uses comes from conventional sources, but I really like the idea that they have the garden and all of the produce is utilized in the kitchen).

I’ve included some photos below, but check out the website for better photos.

The restaurant is a converted house—the creaking hardwood floors, the warm colors of the walls, the bright sunlight streaming in…..it feels like you are having breakfast at Grandma’s.

The cafe also boasts a garden room (an additional dining area) and an adorable cottage, where you can order a coffee or pick up a book on how to make your own cheese (which I really want to try!)

Brunch: Lucas and I both wanted to eat something savory as well as something sweet, so we ordered two different dishes and split them. Plus I had a tasty little corn muffin that came before the meal.
-Eggs Florentine: two poached eggs and creamy spinach sauce on an English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce.  Served with homefries and a fresh blueberry bran muffin.
-Apple Almond Waffle: A golden homemade Belgian waffle topped with homemade whipped cream and toasted almonds. Served with sautéed apples. This was THE MOST AMAZING brunch dish of my LIFE!!! LOVED IT!

Lots of food, but lots of happy tummies too!

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